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Hello dear authors, here is great news for all new and experienced writers: we Saadaal news organization is now accepting articles from guest writers. So it does not matter how old you are; how much experience you have in the writing industry, or are you a fresher? Our website is always keen to promote quality work irrespective of other things mentioned above, but you have to follow certain guidelines.

Before mentioning content writing guidelines, we think that, first, we shall introduce our community and its aim.

Who are we, and what’s our aim?

Saadaal news is a community where we publish articles related to many categories, we are known to provide quality content with consistency. Our organization’s aim is to provide worthy content to our readers that should deserve their time and, most importantly, inspire them to take the right action in their life.

Why should you choose us amongst other blog posting communities?

The answer to this question lies in our consistent quality and our team’s behaviour with the authors. We Saadaal news organization follows a transactional leadership style. However, we believe in the principle of grow and learn together. Therefore, while writing for our community, you will get enough opportunities for growth and promotion.

Also, we publish articles in numerous categories, so there is enough scope for every kind of writer.   

What do we require in a blog post from guest authors?

Along with all other things which we mentioned above, one shouldn’t forget that “content is king.” In today’s time, where internet/online growth is on its boom, it gives many opportunities and threats to the writing industry. Earlier the content and its user was limited, and they have fewer options. However, thanks to the availability of cheap internet for large segments, readers can now easily access good and desirable content. It is a great opportunity for both experienced and fresh writers. In a blog post, we require what readers require, i.e. quality, as simple as that.

There are certain guidelines that authors need to follow to get their article published in our blog community:

  • Content is king, but that should be original: every reader wants to read fresh information that should help in their daily life. 

Nowadays, people often read articles to update them in this fast world, and there is no time for repetitive content. 

No one wants to read the same thing again and again, and also, the writer of the original feels bad because someone is stealing its hard work and efforts of making unique content that the audience should love. 

Thanks to premium tools of plagiarism checking, it is now very easy to determine whether the content is copied or not. Our website community will not accept copied content that should be clear in the writer’s mind while making blog posts for us.

  • Content shouldn’t be developed by spinner tools: Another and smarter form of plagiarism is spinner tools that are used by writers in making of spin content. This is an unethical way of creating blog posts. 

Usage of spinner tools might seem an easy way of getting content, but it will kill your inner creativity, and also, our team and readers are smart enough to identify spin content. 

But the main thing is that usage of plagiarized and spin content makes us feel sad about your creativity and smartness.

  • Grammar mistakes and unstructured presentation will destroy your quality and original content: Writers often ignore grammatical errors and proper content presentation or give them less importance than they deserve. 

As a result of this practice, good content will become hard to read and understand. Most blog posts we reject or give back for correction purposes are because of basic grammar mistakes. Today, numerous ways are available on the internet to check your grammar accuracy, i.e. Grammarly. Use them for better accuracy of grammar.

And for proper presentation, authors should try to make small paragraphs and usage of bullet points, and sub paras help in a big way to make your content understandable; it is human behaviour and physiology that we often hesitate in reading big and bulky paragraphs that are presented in an unstructured way.

  • How many links are allowed in a guest blog post: Our website’s policy about links is that we allow a maximum of 2 links in a single blog post; also, Saadaal news’s team will provide you do-follow links. The links should be given in the author’s bio section.
  • Is there any word limit for guest blog posts? 

Content is superior, and if someone has great content and wants to publish through our website, we are comfortable in publishing that kind of blog post.

But the problem arises when authors unnecessarily increase the wording of their blog post or include a completely different topic in their article that is not related to the article’s primary subject. 

For these authors, we set a word limit and certain content regulations, which you have read above.

However, in numeric values, we expect a minimum of 1000 words in a single blog post, and for the maximum limit, authors are recommended to write up to 3000 words in a single blog post. Of course, word limits can be altered as per the demand of the subject.

  • What is the policy for media inclusion: It is a fact that media attracts us and visuals grab our attention. Media makes content more reader-friendly and easy to understand. The right selection and addition of media in a blog post is now necessary.

About media, our website’s policy is very simple. Writers need to add a minimum of one related image in an article. However, you shall insure that you are using only copyright-free media that are available for public use. Therefore, it would be appreciated if someone added more than one image or any related video to the content in the blog post.

  • In which categories do we upload blog posts?

Our website’s specialty is that we full fill the demand of every kind of writer, that’s why we require the articles in many different categories like:

  • News                                           
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Tech
  • National and World
  • Home décor
  • Travel
  • CBD or plant
  • Entertainment
  • Casino/Gambling

For most of the content categories, we have a separate write for us page; authors are recommended to check them in order to get further clarity about content topics and its guidelines.

  • What is the process of sending guest blog posts?

The process of sending guest blog posts requires only one email for completion, and it is quite easy. 

First, authors need to send us an email that should contain their article file in word format, or if they want, they can also share their work through google drive.

Before sending us an email, you should ensure that there is a proper subject has been given in the email. It is required for the clear identification of content categories.

Our email id: info@saadaalnews.net