April23 , 2024

    Top 3 Tips to Practicing Double Penetrating Without Complications


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    Maybe you’ve been thinking about practicing double penetration, and you don’t know how to go about it. Or you and your partner have had it on your bucket list for a while now, without the sexual know-how, here’s your big chance of understanding how to practice double penetration without any complications. 

    It is worth noting that double penetration is not for a selected few, so anybody willing could practice double penetration and enjoy everything there is about it, and trust me, there are more than enough stimulating pleasure in double penetration. 

    So, what’s double penetration? It’s as straightforward as it sounds. It typically features a vaginal being penetrated by two penises. However, both penises do not necessarily have to be in the vaginal hole. One might be in the vaginal hole and the other in the anus. So, in most cases, it’s in threesome sex. It could also be in the form of masturbation, and in this case, the lady uses sex toys instead of the actual penis. So, it could feature a vibrator in the vaginal and a dildo in the anus. Either way, it features two penises and a lady. 

    So, how can you practice double penetration without complications? There are more than several available means of practicing this; however, here are some top three tips to consider

    Start with foreplay:

    This is one of the most critical steps to take when practicing double penetration. Foreplay is essential in spicing up relationships. Although most individuals see it as irrelevant or a waste of time, it’s not. It makes your body very much ready for sex and prepares you for what is to come. In the context of double penetration, the vagina needs to be as lubricated as possible. Foreplay is one of the natural means of ensuring the vagina stays lubricated. So, with mire lubrication comes less complicated double penetration sex. 

    Ensure your toys are clean:

    This needs to be emphasized as it’s one of the top important tips to keep when practicing double penetration sex or even sex entirely. For example, like in most porn videos, mostly threesome sex or solo masturbation, the dildos and vibrators are such that they are always clean. If there would be any switching of toy from one orifice to another or from the anus to the vaginal, it needs to be cleaned or, if possible, use another toy entirely. Porn videos remain some of the most practical means of understanding how to enjoy double penetrating sex the more. 

    Always use the right toys:

    Before practicing anal sex in double penetration, it is important that you don’t begin with the actual penis, a dildo, or even a vibrator. You should begin with anal plugs first. The anal plugs will help you stretch the muscle in the anal sphincter and then relax when necessary. With this, it reduces pain as well as complications of having tears. Anal plugs and other toys are essential in double penetration and as much as they are essential, knowing when to use them is equally important.