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    Things You Forget to Do on Plastic Card Mailer


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    Plastic postcards offer lower cost-per-lead acquisition, higher ROI, and lower cost-per-piece than many other forms of marketing. You can also get laminated postcards at lower costs than other marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in purchasing plastic postcards for your next marketing campaign, contact Triadex to get a quote.

    Lessons Learned

    The plastic postcard mailer is an effective direct mail tool that stands out from other types of mail. Its design is often unique and contains a pop-out card as a call to action or enticement for potential buyers. Depending on the brand and the type of business, it may even include membership or gift cards. Its versatility makes it one of the most versatile marketing tools.

    When used with digital advertising, plastic postcards generate strong responses and a 7% redemption rate. They also serve as a great way to promote your website address. Moreover, using a plastic postcard mailer to reward website visitors will encourage them to stay longer and better understand your offer. In addition, the savings you’ll generate from these marketing techniques can be reinvested in other forms of digital advertising.

    Amidst the plastic card mailer hustle, integrating personalized touches like handwritten notes or creatively crafted quotes using a Quote maker can wield remarkable impact. Such nuances transcend the ordinary, forging a genuine connection that lingers in the recipient’s memory, amplifying the effectiveness of your outreach.

    Mistakes to Avoid

    The first thing to keep in mind when designing a business card is that the design should be easy to read. Even a creative design can be difficult to read if the typography is challenging. The font size is also a critical factor. For example, you should use simpler, larger text if your demographic is older. Otherwise, you can use smaller fonts to fit in more information.

    Another mistake is not protecting the cards appropriately. While preserving the cards with tape is fine, be careful not to overprotect them. If you’re packaging cardboard, it’s okay to wrap the cards with tape, but if the cardboard is covered with plastic, you could accidentally cut the card. While cardboard boxes can be replaced easily, strong packaging tape could be doubly harmful.

    Preventing Mail Damage

    Mailers that contain plastic cards have an increased chance of getting damaged. While many collectors now send their cards via the internet, there are still some ways to avoid damage to your cards. The best method is to wrap your cards in a protective package. This will keep them safe from shifting and prevent damage during shipping.

    The best way to avoid damage to your mailer is to purchase UV-coated postcards and letter mail. These products come in various finishes, and the UV coating will prevent them from being damaged during the mail sorting process. The UV coating will also protect your mailer from damage by postal automation equipment. However, this process is not foolproof and will not guarantee that your postcards will arrive in perfect condition.


    Plastic card mailer is a cost-effective marketing tool that small businesses and home-based service providers can use. Each postcard can reach one person in a neighborhood, and word of mouth will spread. And when a customer opens the postcard, they’re more likely to buy from you again.

    A plastic postcard mailer can also include pop-out cards, which act as Calls to Action that entice potential buyers to contact the company, visit the business, or take advantage of a special offer. It can also include membership cards, which make it a flexible marketing tool. In addition, a plastic postcard mailer has several other benefits that make it a versatile marketing tool.

    A plastic postcard mailer can also be customized. For example, some plastic postcard mailers have detachable key tags or wallet cards. They also have optional features, like barcodes, QR codes, variable data, and magnetic stripe options. In addition, you can add a detachable plastic card or a scratch-off area for your customers’ personal information.

    Custom Data Printing Options

    There are several options available regarding the customs data printing of plastic card mailers. First, you can choose a specific die shape for your plastic cards. Then, you can decide what kind of variable data to add to them. This could include sequential numbering, individual names, PINs, or other unique identification numbers. You can also add unique barcodes on each card or add human-readable characters below the barcodes.

    You can also choose from custom data printing options on plastic postcards. These mailers are printed on a durable 30 mil material and come with various customization options, including bar coding and magnetic stripes. You can also choose the size and material for your plastic postcards to ensure that your mailers are as effective as possible.