May23 , 2024

    Side Hustles That Will Make You Money This Year


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    We’d all like a little more cash, and most of us have kickstarted this new year with plans, or at least a desire, to do just that. Now of course nothing is guaranteed when you are trying to make money, but there are some ways that are more successful than others. For example, if you are trying to win the jackpot on the slots at Novibet or think buying lotto tickets is the answer, you may just be out of luck. On the other hand, there are a number of side hustles that you can invest a little bit of time and money into, that could just pay off. Let’s take a look at a couple of ideas you could try out this year. 

    Digital Products 

    This may be a competitive sector but there are plenty of clients to go around. Selling digital products like planners, invitations and even coloring-in books is a great side hustle that takes little effort to set up and can make you some nice passive income. There are many resources online that provide you with digital products for a small fee. Once you have it, list it on a site like Etsy and see how you get on. You won’t have to hold stock and the digital product will be delivered instantly when someone purchases. 

    YouTube Videos

    You may not have the confidence, time, or patience to begin uploading videos on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make any money on the site. A great way to try and turn this into a side hustle is with relaxing sounds, something people love to hear when working or relaxing. There are literally hundreds of sites online that will sell or give you stock music, all you need to do is to loop it over a long period of time. Once you have done that, pick a great-looking image for your video and upload it. Check back in monthly to see how it is getting on and monetize it if the views are increasing. 

    Web Design

    You don’t have to know loads about web design in order to offer it. To get started with this hustle sign up for an account with a freelancer site. Check jobs daily and apply for any beginner web design positions. You will have to work hard to get a gig, but when you do simply list that same gig on Craigslist, for a slightly lower price. You will then act as a go-between as the client describes what they want, and the web designer delivers. Finish the job, get the money, pay the designer, and repeat. They say that the art of good business is being a good middleman, and this side hustle showcases that perfectly.

    These are just a few side hustle ideas you could try out, in order to boost your income this year. Whichever you happen to try, let us know how you get on.