April23 , 2024

    Quordle Clues, Hints, And Answers To Make It Easy For You


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    Quordle is an interesting word game that gives nine attempts to its players to find the right answer. It is based on Worlde (a popular word game), you need to write four and five-letter words, guessing the right answers based on the hints shown in the game. 

    Quordle Clues

    The word game allows players to practice well by playing dummy games before trying the real game. This game is popular among people of different ages and many of them search its results online to cross-check their answers or to submit the right answers on the first attempt.

    If you play this game and guess the answer correctly, the green light will appear, and for a wrong guess, the yellow light will appear.

    When you see a letter for a guess, simultaneously, you should check the keyboard to confirm whether the word matches with any answer or not.

    If you have ever played Wordle, then it will be easy for you, players are required to guess four and five-letter words and check whether their guess is wrong or right.

    I recommend you practice this game 4 to 5 times before giving it a try.

    Each day a new Quordle is available to play and in this post, we are sharing the answer/clue of December 6 Quordle.

    So, let’s begin this 6 December Quordle answer post.

    Quordle Hints For December 6

    Clue 1

    The 1 word ends with a ‘R’

    The 2 word ends with a ‘T’

    The 3 word ends with a ‘L’

    The 4 word ends with a ‘C’

    Clue  2

    The 1 word starts with a ‘F’

    The 2 word starts with a ‘C’

    The 3 word starts with a ‘T’

    The 4 word starts with a ‘T’

    Clue  3

    Explanations of words:

    Word 1: A person who makes settlements for people or arranges things mostly in an illegal way.

    Word 2: Popular measurement of gold’s quality. 

    Word 3: Sum of a number or synonym of whole. 

    Word 4: An ancient Roman and Greek garment, typically lose in size and reaching to the knees without any sleeves.

    Before you read further, I want to inform you that the next section contains answers from the December 6 Quordle, so if you guess it first on your own, do it and then read the next section. 

    Answers Of December 6 Quordle:

    Wordle Answers For December 6

    Word 4 – TUNIC

    Word 3 – TOTAL

    Word 2 – CARAT

    Word 1 – FIXER

    Previous Quordle Answers:

    Want to know previous Wordle answers? Well! For your ease, we are mentioning the 5 previous Quordle word puzzle answers.

    1 December: MINTY, BUSED, DRIED, AGILE

    2 December: ALOFT, PRICE, SLYLY, HITCH

    3 December: SNOWY, IMBUE, OCTET, GROUP

    4 December: NASAL, CREPT, PRONG, HURRY

    5 December: MERCY, POPPY, TESTY, DRYLY


    Quordle is a popular word game that different age groups of people can play and it also has health benefits. However, many people struggle to find the right answers to the puzzle or want to cross-check their answers.

    We hope that this post is helpful for all readers seeking 6 December Quordle hints, clues, and answers.

    If you have any suggestions or want to give any feedback, feel free to email us.