April23 , 2024

    Jollibee Marketing Strategy 2024 – Strategic Report As a Case Study


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    Jollibee Marketing Strategy 2024 – Strategic Report As a Case Study

    Founded in 1978, Jollibee is a famous fast-food chain...


    Jollibee fast food

    Founded in 1978, Jollibee is a famous fast-food chain that achieved remarkable success and expanded globally. It is a Philippines company and serves people-wide items like Jolly Spaghetti, Peach Mango Pie, and Chicken Joy. 

    Started its journey from the Philippines with one outlet, and now the brand is available worldwide in multiple countries with over 1500 outlets.

    The brand has seen such a humongous success because of several reasons and one of them is its marketing strategy.

    Today, we will analyze the marketing strategy of Jollibee that successfully attracts customers and brings growth to the business.

    Brief Introduction Of Jollibee’s Marketing Strategy

    Jollibee’s marketing strategy is all about customer-centricity and shows how they can create meaningful and memorable experiences in their outlets.

    The marketing strategy is successful and today, its customer base shares a nostalgic connection with it. It acts as a competitive advantage that is hard to beat.

    Significance Of Marketing Strategy In Jollibee’s success

    We all know the importance of a well-researched marketing strategy for a brand’s success. We have seen the success of many brands like Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and the list goes on that also includes the name of Jollibee. 

    Jollibee’s marketing strategy helped the organization to stay ahead of the competition and attract customers in a crowded fast-food market. 

    The fusion of a carefully crafted marketing strategy with a competitive business strategy generates brand loyalty among their customers.

    Features Of Jollibee’s Marketing Strategy: In-Detail Analysis

    Let’s decode the features of Jollibee’s marketing strategy to understand its secret of success:

    Broad Target Audience

    The company ran a smart marketing campaign by showing families spending quality time with their children in Jollibee’s outlets.

    It works in favor of the brand and helps them attract a wider family audience that includes adults and children.

    Delicious Taste With Great Presentation

    The combination of the “Langham-scrap” experience is the unique selling proposition (USP) of the brand. They prepare their dishes with locally-sourced ingredients which give a little bit of local touch to every outlet’s dishes and people can connect with the,

    With the right marketing and development of the USP, people become attached to the brand and many become regular diners.

    Brand Development 

    The advertisement strategy of Jollibee played a crucial role in the brand development. They create effective advertisements like bee mascots and red-and-yellow color schemes which helped to become easily recognizable.

    How Does Jollibee Manage To Capture Customers?

    In this section, we will discuss factors that play important in customer acquisition:

    Personal Connect

    Jollibee develops advertisements featuring families enjoying quality time while having its food items. It generates the idea of planning family dining with this brand and silently makes a special place in customers’ minds.

    Local Factor

    They showed local Filipino culture in their advertisements and presented local taste in their items to play a local factor and impress people.

    Strategic Partnerships With Exclusive Offers

    They collaborated with many popular brands like Nestle and Coca-Cola to increase brand awareness and attract new audiences. Strategic partnerships with well-established brands and the introduction of many exclusive offers like a limited-time menu generate curiosity amongst diners and influence them positively for the brand.

    Entering Into New Markets 

    After succeeding in the Philippines, they started expanding to other countries and growing there as well because of their USP. To accelerate its growth, the brand developed an online brand strategy and began to sell food via online platforms to improve its reach.

    loyalty programs

    Jollibee introduced many customer loyalty programs to offer rewards and extra discounts to repeat customers. It is a way to reward loyal customers and encourage one-time customers to visit again. The loyalty program’s name is the Jollibee Happy Plus Card.

    Examples Of Jollibee’s Successful Marketing Campaigns With Results

    Jollibee’s marketing strategies worked big time and we have seen many successful campaigns launched by the brand. Examples of a few campaigns are as follows:

    Bida ang Saya (Fun is the Hero)

    The Fun is the Hero campaign was a long-running and hit campaign of the brand. It highlighted family time and focused on spending quality time together.

    Result: It is one of the most successful marketing campaigns of the brand with positive results. In 2015, it caused a significant 40% increase in social media engagement with a 15% boost in sales.

    Chickenjoy Nation

    Chickenjoy Nation is the signature dish of the Jollibee. This marketing campaign featured “Chickenjoy Nation” as a dish representing local flavors and prepared using local ingredients.

    Result: In 2018, This campaign boosted the sales of the brand by 21% and made chickenjoy nation one of the prime items of the Jollibee brand.

    Isang Number, Isang Sarap (One Number, One Delicious Taste)

    This marketing campaign shows the standardization of the brand’s food preparation process. It depicts that no matter which brand you will visit, you will get the same great taste from Jollibee’s outlets.

    Result: It significantly increased the revenue of the brand with a boost of 17.1% in net income, making it a total of 6.8 billion in 2019.

    At Last 

    Jollibee is a popular fast-food brand that is also famous for its successful marketing strategies.

    This post was about Jollibee’s marketing strategies and their essential features which made them successful.

    I hope you like reading this post and it turned out to be beneficial for you. If so, then share it with others on social media and increase awareness about the power of a strong marketing campaign.