December7 , 2022

    How to Calculate CBD Content?


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    CBD content is the total amount of CBD within an entire product or package. CBD content represents the total amount of all the CBD servings that ensure a product’s potency. CBD content is necessary for understanding what the product offers and is helpful when used alongside actual potency to facilitate the breakdown of the cost per serving. 

    Most people like using CBD oil drops but do you know how to calculate CBD content? This article focuses on how to calculate CBD content.

    How to determine CBD Concentration?

    Calculating the CBD content is an important aspect of comparing prices between products. The size of a product should not determine its capacity. The best way to calculate the CBD content of a product is by dividing the milligrams of CBD in the product by container volume.

    For example, you may have a 40-milliliter tincture of CBD oil that claims to contain 400 milligrams of CBD. Therefore, this specific product offers 10 milligrams of CBD per milliliter of the product. Below is a useful equation for getting your answer:

    CBD milligrams in product ÷ Product volume in milliliters = Milligrams of CBD per Milliliter

    Let’s analyze how tincture bottles with different variations stack up. Considering you find a 100-milliliter tincture bottle with 500 milligrams of CBD. With the help of the above equation.

    (500 milligrams ÷ 100 milliliters = 5 mg of CBD per 1 ml),

    You can see that the 500-milliliter container offers 5 milligrams per milliliter. This results in a more potent option than the 40-milliliter product with 400 milligrams of CBD, offering just 10 milligrams of CBD per milliliter. In this example, the larger bottle had a greater value. But not all the time. The label should accurately determine the CBD percentage.

    CBD Content in CBD Oils and Tinctures

    CBD content in high potency CBD tinctures is usually less complicating. It usually consists of a ratio of CBD milligrams to product milliliters. Thus, there’s a need for accurate, transparent product labeling. It’s essential to understand how to determine CBD concentration in tinctures. Reputable manufacturers of CBD drinks always state the CBD potency for your to-do side-by-side product comparisons.

    CBD Content in Gummies and Other Edibles

    Edible CBD products such as CBD drinks edibles should have the amount of CBD in milligrams per serving. 

    A bottle of gummies containing 10 gummies with 50 milligrams of CBD has a total CBD content of 500 milligrams notwithstanding the gummy size or bottle size. When you go shopping, you may buy a bottle of gummies containing 10 gummies with 40 milligrams of CBD each for the same price. Therefore, you’re only getting a total CBD content of 400 milligrams for a similar price, although the other product technically has more potent gummies by serving.


    The method for determining true product potency and price is the same for all CBD products.  Although product volume states the number of servings you’ll get, the best way to determine true CBD content is by breaking down potency per serving.