April23 , 2024

    Firewood Racks: What You Should Know


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    The unique design of firewood racks keeps wood safely ventilated and protected from moisture and pests. While standard racks and shelves hold wood, firewood stackers come with a ventilated waterproof cover to keep the rain out. Consider several things if you’re looking for a rack to store your firewood. These factors include size, capacity, ventilation, seasoning, and more. Choosing the right rack can help you keep your wood fresh and safe. Keep reading to find out what to look for.


    The size of your firewood rack depends on how much wood you want to store. A four-foot rack can hold 110 to 140 logs, which should be enough to keep a small family warm for a few months. You may choose to buy a cover for the rack, which protects the wood from sideways rain. However, a cover that extends to the ground could trap too much moisture. Most racks come with a one-foot cover.

    You’ll need a large firewood rack if you plan to store a large amount of wood. While a traditional wooden rack can be a practical option, you can also opt for a concrete firewood rack. This type of rack is simple and has a natural look. You can even build one for your outdoor fireplace or fire pit.


    The capacity of a firewood rack is an important feature to consider when choosing a rack. Most racks are designed to hold about one cord of wood or about a hundred and fifty medium-sized logs. However, there are smaller models, as well. A smaller rack may be the best choice if you need less wood or want to store it more neatly.

    The capacity of a firewood rack should be adequate for the amount of wood you need to store. If you plan to store a large amount of wood, you should look for a larger rack. You can also consider a covered firewood rack so that the wood will be dry. Another option is a concrete firewood rack. It has a simple and natural look, which makes it an excellent option for an outdoor fire pit or fireplace.


    Proper ventilation is essential to keep firewood safe and dry. A firewood rack should be located at least three feet from the house. Placing firewood too close to a house can attract pests, such as wood-boring insects, which tunnel through wood to infest a home. In addition, the ventilation of a firewood rack is particularly important for keeping wood dry while it is stored.

    Ventilation is also important for preventing condensation. Unfortunately, some types of firewood racks have no ventilation and thus cannot prevent condensation from occurring. Consider purchasing a firewood rack with a ventilation cover to combat this problem.


    There are several different types of wood racks available. Some of them are designed to hold a full cord of wood, while others are made of smaller pieces that hold a quarter of a cord. Regardless of which type of the firewood rack you decide to buy, you’ll need to purchase a cover for it.

    A firewood rack is the most convenient and cost-effective way to season your wood. It will not only keep your wood out of the ground but also allow it to drain. You can purchase a firewood rack kit that includes a few components. Some racks also include guides and corner brackets. When choosing a rack, use dimensional lumber with a treated finish. If you plan on using the rack outdoors, you should also cover it with a tarp to prevent dampness.

    Metal Rack

    Metal firewood racks are a great way to store your firewood stylishly and functionally. You can find racks in a variety of shapes to suit any need. One type looks like a miniature house and is perfect for outdoor fireplaces and wood stoves. Another style features a roof for added storage. You can buy firewood racks in powder-coated steel or wrought iron for indoor and outdoor use. The finishes on indoor firewood racks can chip and corrode, so an outdoor firewood rack will be made of weather-resistant material. In addition, the type of wood you burn will determine the rack you need. For instance, if you occasionally use a wood stove, you might not need a weather-resistant rack.