September22 , 2023

    Discovering Various Types of Bongs Available


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    Have you felt engulfed by the variety of options available that come up as you keep on exploring the search section when shopping for bongs online? This will be daunting as they will look unique in their own way with all their intricacies and crystalline effects. 

    One of the most adored and brought is the octopus bong in the animal bong category. Knowing about its features and facilities is the only way when you don’t know how to filter according to your preference. 

    This blog will give you an idea of the varieties available in the market.

    Variety of Materials: 

    Many material choices are available in the bongs category, like glass, bamboo, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, and metal. But glass is the most common and preferred material as its thermal tolerance capacity is comparatively huge than the other materials.

    Ceramic bongs were traditional, with more intricate patterns on their outer side to give them a luxury feel. They are not so popular recently as they are heavy and it becomes challenging to carry them. 

    On the other hand, a plastic bong has all the positive sides, with less weight and heat bearing capacity. The only drawback seen in this material is that plastic melts and combines with the smoke, which affects the taste and health in the long run. 

    Bamboo bongs are very natural and robust. They can be decorated with paintings and carvings and are weightless also. But it is found to be difficult to dismantle and clean them often. 

    Metal ones will support the smoking process in all the ways possible. But they get heated soon on the outer side, making it tough to handle them. They are ultimately making the glass bongs the best choice. 

    Shape Variety:

    Like materials, there are several shape options in glass pipes. This is not only for design purposes but also has effective functionalities. 

    Strait Necked:

    They are just straight ones with no complications behind their forms, as the name goes. You have the bowl at the bottom that is also linear and a mouth at the straight opposite end. 

    Round Base:

    They have a round closed bowl like a base where you can fill the water. The water level should be lower than the side smoke pipe level. Both the linear and round bottom devices have the exact functioning mechanism making them different only by the shape. 

    Animal Shaped:

    There are several attractive animal-shaped bongs available in the market. There are shapes like elephant,  dinosaur, and octopus bongs. The octopus glass devices are usually 14″ tall and come with an 18-millimeter bowl with multiple chambers that will positively affect the smoking experience. 

    As the smoke has to pass through multiple chambers, increasing the length of travel, the smoke gets cooled by the time it reaches the user. This is one of the most desired things a smoker will want, as warm or hot smoke will irritate the throat. 


    Percolators of bubbles are comparatively smaller, usually available in 3-4″ sizes. They use a water bubbling mechanism. The smoke created passes through water and cools down when it reaches your mouth. This is usually good for beginners.

    Final note:

    As now you know the difference among several types of smoking equipment, you can choose a design that suits you, considering the functionality mechanism.