June22 , 2024

    What Do Customers Say About Sofi and Their Experience?


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    Customer reviews can sometimes be the best way to decide whether you need to proceed with buying or downloading a product, service or app. According to SoFi, you can “easily access and manage your money – anytime, anywhere” with the platform. Here are some reviews to help you make a decision on opening a bank account with SoFi. You can also continue to look upon the internet for more of these if these do not suffice for a more in-depth outlook on online banking.

    Easy Registration

    This customer talks about how easy it is to create an account with SoFi. The registration process is easy; they accept documentation easily, they have great customer service, the process to create an account is done in a flash. They only require your issued ID, a legitimate billing statement of utilities and your banking statement. With a working system that cross-checks your payroll information, you don’t need to print out anything or carry around papers. In essence, it is ahead of its game.

    Short waiting time on loans

    This customer talks about how fast it is to get a home improvement loan rates on SoFi. Once your credentials are approved, you can apply for loans easily and get the funds credited into your account within a day. You only have to wait four days for the loan’s approval. If you have used other online sources of funds, you might have noticed the predatory rates that they come with. With SoFi, this is something you do not have to worry about.

    They Have Good Customer Service

    When looking for a good financial service provider, you need those that have good customer service and SoFi understands the assignment. You can call in or email at any time if you have an inquiry or a problem you need to get solved. They guide you through the app if you are stuck and help crunch up the numbers when you need to understand how to pay back your loans. The fact that they are available through many channels ensures you can contact them in the way you are most comfortable doing.

    They Do Due Diligence

    If you have managed to rake up a load of credit debt on other platforms, then you need to know that you will not manage to add SoFi to your list. The company does a serious amount of due diligence before they hand you a loan. Credit amounts of up to $5000 will lower your chances of getting a loan considerably.

    They Help Manage Unemployment

    Creating an account with SoFi can help you manage the situation if you are unemployed. As we are just coming out of a pandemic, many people have experienced financial insecurity, majorly due to loss of work and being unable to access the banks physically. This brought to light the need to have an accessible financial banking partner, like SoFi.

    Reading good and positive reviews can really help make the right decision and we hope these will do the work.