April23 , 2024

    Assisted Senior Living 101: Key Services That the Best Facilities Offer


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    If you are moving toward the decision to relocate to a senior care community, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. The same is true if you are a child or grandchild looking into one for a loved one. While the services and amenities will vary based on many factors, there are some things you should always look for.

    Price is also a factor in what specific features you will find from one senior location to another. However, just because you enter a quality care facility doesn’t mean you will have to pay expensive fees. What many people are doing these days when they want to find local communities is search for a term like “assisted senior living near me” or something similar online. Once you have found a few potential destinations, look for services and benefits like these:

    A Qualified and Experienced Staff Providing 24-Hr Coverage

    Minor and major health issues don’t care what time it is. They happen all around the clock. And many times, these occurrences take place when sleeping. That’s why any quality senior care provider must have a team of professionals available for residents at all times.

    Open-Schedule Dining with Personalized Entrées 

    One of the biggest parts of staying independent is keeping your own schedule. People like to eat at all different times of the day. Anytime meal options are also something many residents prefer from a senior provider. Many of these communities also offer chef-prepared, made-to-order meals.

    Personalized Wellness & Fitness Programs

    Depending on your health and condition, you may also be able to exercise at your own leisure. However, many residents find customized coaching beneficial. It is also important to make sure your exercise routine has been cleared by a physician. 

    Housekeeping, Maintenance, & General Upkeep

    This should be a standard service offered at any reputable senior care community. The fees paid to live in one of these locations should cover things like mowing, trash service, repair work, housekeeping, and others.

    A Pet-Friendly Environment 

    If you have a pet that you want to bring along (as many elderly residents do), it can be helpful to add “pet-friendly” to your “assisted senior living near me” search when looking online. Some communities may have weight limits, while most will likely have prohibitive policies regarding dogs that are considered dangerous or aggressive. 

    Additional Wellness Services & Packages

    Some residents may require a little more assistance than others. Memory care is also something that can be found at the more all-inclusive senior providers. This includes things like assistance with medications, transportation to doctor’s visits, in-house physician visits, bathing/clothing, and others.

    “Assisted Senior Living Near Me” Is More than a Search Term, It’s a Community

    One of the wonderful things about moving into an assisted living location is that you become part of something bigger. Friendships are made, entertaining activities are shared, and for some residents, their quality of life improves from when they were living on their own. No matter what you are looking for or the reason you are moving, one thing is for certain; you won’t be doing it alone.