April23 , 2024

    Alternative Options to Invisalign Braces


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    Invisalign are clear, invisible dentures people use to straighten teeth. They are an excellent option for traditional braces. Aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth to position them correctly over time. Since they’re clear, Invisalign aligners are a better option than traditional braces as they are less noticeable.

    Though Invisalign is a prevalent tooth straightening option, several factors might force you to consider looking for their alternatives. For instance, Invisalign is an expensive option that many other teeth straightening options. Not everybody can afford to straighten their teeth with them. So are there alternative options for Invisalign braces?

    Alternative Options to Invisalign Braces

    There’s no doubt that Invisalign is an expensive option. According to some sources, the treatment carries an average cost of $3,500. Luckily, several alternatives to Invisalign can help straighten your teeth at a much lower price.

    1. ClearCorrect

    ClearCorrect is among the closest competitors to Invisalign braces. It’s a thinner and more clear aligner plastic that comes with several benefits, including offering cheaper, custom teeth straightening options for severe and mild cases.

    The treatment plan requires the patient to consult their dentist to determine if it’s a suitable option for their teeth straightening needs. Dentists use them to address severe crossbite correction, misalignment, and even full mouth reconstruction. The thinner material in ClearCorrect helps the patient achieve a more invisible appearance.

    2. Byte Aligners

    Byte Aligners are another great alternative to Invisalign that can help you to straighten your teeth to achieve that impressive smile you’ve been craving to have. They are transparent braces that patients require wearing for at least 22 hours daily to get the best teeth straightening outcomes they desire. With its lower pricing, speedy treatment period, and different options, Byte is among the most convenient options for Invisalign braces.

    3. AlignerCo

    AlignerCo is one of the cheapest Invisalign braces alternatives. They offer two treatment options, including wearing them for 22 hours daily or 10 hours every night. AlignerCo requires the patient to use them for six to eight months to complete the treatment.

    AlignerCo is a cheaper alternative to Invisalign braces and other teeth straightening options. They can help you get rid of your crooked teeth issue within six months. They are a relatively quick and cheap treatment plan that offers night or day aligner alternatives.

    4. Candid

    Candid is a faster and cheaper tooth straightening option to Invisalign braces. It offers patients with initial 3-D teeth scan. Its manufacturer has a lucrative app to help patients track their progress without visiting their dentists regularly to assess their situation.

    5. SnapCorrect

    SnapCorrects are trimmed clear aligners on the gum line to offer an invisible appeal. You require wearing them for at least 16 months to get the most desirable outcomes. Their manufacturer formulates them to fit in the patient’s teeth perfectly. They are a cheaper alternative to Invisalign braces that people use to address moderate to mild problems.

    6. New Smile

    New Smile allows you to view a 3-D treatment preview about how your teeth of concern will look after the treatment plan. You require seeking orthodontist or dental help to decide whether New Smile is the most appropriate treatment plan for your teeth straightening need. The product can correct crooked teeth problems in the duration of three to five months after you start using them. If you choose them, ensure to follow their manufacturer’s instructions to use them to get the best outcomes you desire.

    7. Six Month Smiles

    Six Month Smiles are a more advanced aligner material that provides a much more unique experience when you wear them. They use Zendura technology that helps patients to achieve a more comfortable experience when using them to address their crooked teeth issue. The material used on Six Month Smiles offers a scallop shape, clarity, and durability. The aligners can flex easily and be comfortable with your teeth’s surface and lining.

    Using Six Month Smiles requires you to wear every set of aligners for at least two weeks, replacing them as the teeth gradually change.

    Most alternative options to Invisalign braces offer a quick and cost-effective way to straighten teeth. Whatever option you choose to straighten teeth, ensure to consult your dentist to get the expert advice you need to achieve your goals.