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A Somali Journalist Abdirizak Said Osman Stabbed To Death in Galkayo

A Somali Journalist Stabbed To Death in Galkayo.

Press Release .

Mogadishu: Wednesday 19 September, 2018

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) condemns the brutal murder of journalist Abdirizak Said Osman , who was stabbed to death in the Galkayo town of Mudug region around 8 pm on 18 September 2018. Abdirizak was a newscaster and reporter for Radio Vioce of Peace.

Abdirizak, 29, was attacked by unknown assailants who stabbed him at least six times in the chest and back in Garsoor village. He died from his wounds on his way to the General Hospital of Galkayo, according to his colleagues at Radio Voice of Peace.

“We deplore the barbaric killing of Abdirizak Said Osman The Puntland authorities must chase and catch the killers and those who masterminded Abdirizak’s killing and bring them to justice,” NUSOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said .He also expresses his deepest sympathies and sends message of condolences to the families, friends, relatives and colleagues of Somali Journalist Abdirizak Said Osman.

The motive of the killing is still unknown and no one was arrested for this brutal act, though the police said they are investigating the matter and later report it. “ Many crimes against journalists were committed with impunity but this time we demand the criminals to be prosecuted in front of justice. Mahir Jama Aden NUSOJ chairman said.

The slaying of late Abdirizak Said Osman becomes the second journalist to be killed in Somalia in this year 2018 . On Thursday 26 July ,2018 Abdirizak Kasim Iimaan a TV cameraman was killed by a policeman at a checkpoint in Mogadishu despite the culprit hasn’t yet been caught.
Ten journalists were killed in Somalia since 2016 , 3 journalists were murdered in the year 2016 ,5 in 2017 and 2 in 2018 ,32 were also injured, and 94 journalists and other media workers were arbitrarily arrested or subjected to prolonged detention on charges related to the exercise of freedom of expression

“We are deeply disturbed by these repeated violations of press freedom and the permanent risks facing journalists in the course of their work therefore we call on the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States to respect the fundamental principles of freedom of press and bring to justice the culprits who commit crimes against journalists” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu NUSOJ Secretary General .



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