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We reject emphatically the fake letter devised and designed by the secessionist entity of Somaliland which purportedly shows the President of Puntland writing to President Farmajo. We consider this a ridiculously feeble attempt, on the part of Somaliland, to seek sympathy for their flawed cause after they have failed in their acts of armed aggression directed against Puntland.

This fake letter is strong indication that Somaliland is attempting to mislead the international community by cynically deflecting legitimate criticism of their aggressive and irresponsible behaviour.

Tukaraq is part and parcel of Puntland and is integral to the wellbeing of our community.

The unprovoked attacks and policy of aggression of Somaliland shall not stand, nor should they.

The Federal Government of Somalia is not part of this fight, and shall not be part of any future solution, as they are not party to this localised problem between Puntland and Somaliland.

Puntland only seeks to legitimately protect its territory from the secessionist entity currently pursuing a misguided policy of trying to reach for the historic colonial era borders of the defunct British Somaliland.

Puntland has been very busy in fighting Al Shabaab and ISIS whilst the authorities in Somaliland provide safety and succour to such mortal enemies of the Somali people.

It is an open secret that Somaliland has a well established, symbiotic relationship with Al Shabaab and ISIS.

Finally, we take this opportunity to remind our international partners that Puntland always seeks peace and stability in the region, and certainly not shedding the blood of our kith and kin.

The irresponsible spreading of fake documents on social media, as has been done by Somaliland, is both regrettable and undignified. Resorting to this kind of tactic smacks of desperation and is a clear indication of the failure of the stated aims of the Somaliland regime, and it is nothing more than a pretext to continue its aggression against Puntland.

The fake letter falsely claims that Puntland is seeking assistance from the Federal Government. Puntland has neither asked for, nor received any assistance from the Federal Government of Somalia. To state otherwise is to stray very far from the truth.

The Government of Puntland and the good people of this state are more than capable of defending their territory, as they have done, to their credit, so admirably in many past instances.




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