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WATCH VIDEOS:-Representatives Ilhan Omar of MN and Elizabeth A Malia of MA rally Deeqa Jabril for Boston city council District 7

Boston, Aug 20 2017. Ilhan Omar is a State Representative in the state of Minnesota. She is also the first ever Somali person, male or female, to be elected for higher office in the history of the United States. She was welcomed by Deeqo Jibril so she can help her fellow Somali candidate be elected for office.

Imam Taalib J Mahdee of Majid Al-Quran open the Rally with the first chapter of the Quran

Hibo Macalin who is upcoming Freshman at UMASS Boston as a political science major Welcomes Representative Elizabeth A Malia Massachusetts to the podium.

Liz Malia is a State Representative in the Commonwealth State of Massachusetts and she has been alongside Deeqo Jibril throughout her campaign and she helps her in many ways. Talking about Deeqo she says, “She speaks to everyone. She respects everyone and she earns that respect from everyone around her and those are the kind of leaders, I think, we all need for the future”. With the help of both State Representatives, Liz Malia and Ilhan Omar, it without a doubt will not be a suprise when Deeqo wins City Council of Boston District 7.

Ilhan Omar encouraged the people at the event by saying, “What matters is whether you have done everything you can to make sure she has the chance to win” and she asked the crowd, “Is Boston ready to elect someone who is not going to be a voice for you, but a voice with you”. With these encouraging and uplifting words, Ilhan Omar inspired the crowd. Deeqo Jibril is a candidate running for City Council in District 7 of Boston.

Deeqo Jabril stated that everyone’s vote matters and that if we want to make a change it is our time to take action for something we believe in. Representative Ilhan Omar gave Deeqo Jibril the confidence to run for office and Deeqo hopes that her campaign will help other Somali women run for office also. Deeqo says, “Together we have the opportunity to make history” and that “As your city council I will always be your ally”.  Watch the Speech of candidate Deeqo Jibril for Boston City Councilor District  7



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